Gus Yero

"In this group, Gus Yero is showing lively, colorful acrylic paintings that suggest lush tropical gardens filled with exotic flora and fauna. “Firebird,” for example, uses feathered lines to hint at a fantastic avian creature hidden amid the layers of foliage, while “Eye Movement” is filled with plant leaves and seed pods that shift into optical motifs."

The New York Times
Sunday, June 15, 2003
By Helen A. Harrison

"Gus Yero is showing a large (55 by 68 inches) and very colorful acrylic, “Happy Rhythm,” There’s something confectionery about all these bright little shapes on a blue-green ground; they look like costume jewelry thrown across a tablecloth. Some of the pieces are intriguing. An undulating trail of orange-yellow dots across the center of the picture suggest a brontosaurus spine, and there are rough Gorky like organic shapes."

East Hampton Star
October 30, 2003
By Robert Long

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